Pingar DiscoveryOne for

Content Intelligence Applications

Strategic business opportunities

Business threats

Industry trends and issues


Competitive analysis


DiscoveryOne for Content Intelligence solutions is a key tool for strategic planning for any business. Quickly identify key market data and leave DiscoveryOne running to identify trends over time.

Detect Threats

Extract the value from large volumes of information. Within seconds, view the relevant summaries of the most recent articles, reports, feeds from social channels or even inbound customer email complaints.

Analyze Industries

DiscoveryOne can constantly crawl the internet to find relevant information and real-life evidence for monitoring competitors, analyzing target markets and emerging trends.


Streamline the process for creating evidence based reports. Rapidly find and link back to source articles and illustrate reports with graphs showing important relationships.

DiscoveryOne is the fastest and a highly automated way to do market research for a wide range of business needs

DiscoveryOne lets you quickly discover what content matters most to your business. If it’s searching through large volumes of documents within an organization for due diligence or utilizing the media intelligence ability to search social and mainstream news media, DiscoveryOne will find the relevant content. Quickly identify the trends, topics and issues exposed in those documents, posts, articles and emails with DiscoveryOne. Within minutes you can drill down to the right content out of millions of documents so you can be a step ahead of the market and your competitors.

DiscoveryOne understands meaning

DiscoveryOne knows which London is in the UK and which one is in Equatorial Guinea, and that “media streaming” and “video streaming” are the same thing. It knows how to categorize content about “venture funding” even if that phrase isn’t used.

World Class Text Analytics

The underlying text analytics capability of DiscoveryOne is based on years of development of our Pingar API Server solution that is used in some of the largest international organizations for complex metadata extraction tasks.


A powerful way to integrate multiple information sources in to a single view to identify trends and themes simultaneously from within your organization and externally.

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