Automated Metadata for SharePoint 2010 and 2013

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Pingar’s Metadata Extractor is the easiest way to improve SharePoint search

Without metadata, SharePoint is just an expensive Content Management System. With metadata SharePoint enables search, information compliance, retention policies and workflows. To get metadata, users have to enter it whenever they add or update content. This is slow and painful. Metadata Extractor identifies metadata automatically, so people can forget about it.

Metadata Extractor automatically creates metadata every time a document is created. Metadata improves SharePoint 2010 and SharePoint 2013 search so your users rapidly find their desired results. An example of metadata might be the document category or topics inside a document.

Pingar’s natural language processing

Metadata Extractor uses Pingar’s natural language processing in order to transform unstructured data to structured data. It reads your SharePoint content, identifies phrases that describe the main topics and classifies (categorizes) the content against taxonomies. It can detect organizations or companies, people, locations, addresses, account numbers, dates, and many other custom created entities. It is able to match similar terms, misspellings of words, equivalent spelling in different variations of English and more language issues like this.

Metadata powers SharePoint’s search refiners, which allow your users rapidly get rid of irrelevant search results by showing categories, topics and other metadata.


Metadata Extractor

  • Is easy and fast to install
  • Doesn’t require additional hardware
  • Is designed for minimal load on SharePoint server
  • Does, in a few days, the work that a standard employee does in 3 years
  • Erases human related errors for creating metadata
  • Can quickly create automatic metadata for documents than haven’t had it before




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