Automated Metadata for SharePoint 2010 and 2013

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Metadata Extractor automatically creates metadata (tags documents)

Metadata Extractor creates metadata every time a document is created or updated. It is automatic and therefore doesn’t require any human interaction. Metadata Extractor identifies phrases that describe the main topics, categorizes content and matches it against a taxonomy that can be defined by the business. It can quickly detect organizations or companies, people, locations, addresses, account numbers, dates, and many other custom created entities. It is also able to match: similar terms, misspellings of words, equivalent spelling in different variations of English and other language issues (specific examples are provided in the video on the right). Furthermore, Metadata Extractor is compatible with other languages such as Chinese or French (click here for all available languages).

Benefits of Metadata in SharePoint

Metadata enables SharePoint search, information compliance, retention policies and workflows. Usually to get metadata, users have to fill in new text fields every single time they add or update content. This is slow and painful and in reality, very few employees bother to do this and if they do, this is very inconsistent across an organization. However, Metadata Extractor creates metadata automatically, so people can forget about doing it.

Metadata Extractor improves SharePoint search

Metadata Extractor improves SharePoint search by having clearly classified and categorized metadata. It provides relevant search refiners which allow your users to ignore irrelevant search results by showing categories, topics and other types of metadata. Metadata Extractor makes SharePoint search fast and relevant. Try it for yourself and request our demo below.

What does it do?

  • Metadata Extractor categorizes documents against a pre-defined taxonomies
  • Metadata Extractor identifies key concepts and phrases describing documents
  • Metadata Extractor identifies people, organizations, account numbers, locations, addresses and other custom created entities that may be important to an organization

How does it work?


Worth knowing:

  • It saves money!   There are multiple industry reports that employees waste time finding documents.  Metadata Extractor dramatically improves search effectiveness and speed to get to the right document
  • Metadata Extractor is easy and fast to install (an installation typically takes less than half a day)
  • It doesn’t require additional hardware
  • It is designed for minimal load on the SharePoint server
  • Metadata Extractor does, in a few days, the work that an employee could take years to complete, if historic data needs to be tagged
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