Pingar’s products focus on making unstructured data into structured. By using Pingar’s natural language processing our products help business to maintain documents in efficient manner.

Globally it is acknowledged that organizations are inundated with too much information in multiple data storage systems.  Many stored documents are irrelevant and infrequently used within an organization.

This means these organizations have difficulty finding relevant information, and achieving cost effective content compliance, which is now often a regulatory requirement.

Pingar has experienced this first-hand in organizations over the last five years and armed with this market intelligence we are developing a new generation of products.

Pingar will enable enterprises to organize, collate, and identify what is important and relevant within information systems including web and file shares. Our unique capabilities within text analytics and NLP (natural language processing) will allow our customers to:

  • Automatically categorize and organize their content so that relevant text content can be managed for regulatory compliance
  • Filter large amounts of textual information to remove duplicates, irrelevant, or old content
  • Identify trends of authors, key phrases, themes, topics, and more

While the potential market is horizontal and broad, Pingar will be focusing its early efforts on organizations preparing to migrate to Microsoft SharePoint™ or improving existing enterprise search. Our current products allow our customers to:

We will compete by being the single-vendor for all of these requirements and our objective is to have the quickest and most cost-effective implementation. Due to our strong research and development team we will continually expand our product capabilities including the addition of multiple languages.